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Month: June 2018

BIAC General Assembly, OECD Forum on May 29 – 30, 2018 and W20@OECD, Paris

The W20 Brainstorming Session @OECD OECD Forum 2018 at OECD Headquarters started with the W20 Argentina’s Brainstorming session for me. The W20 develops policy recommendations through the input received and the different outlook or views and relevant recent developments gathered. The brainstorming paper included Labor Inclusion, Digital Inclusion, Financial Inclusion and Rural Inclusion. The team from W20 Argentina and Virginia Littlejohn of Quantum Leaps of the USA gave an elaborated and still neat presentation of where the status of the paper is and received input from a well selected and attended of many expert in the audience including Monika Queisser, the Head of Social Policy in OECD. The leaders of G20 countries have the goal reducing the gap between the participation rates of men and women by 25% until the year 2025 in their respective countries. Policy recommendations to improve gender balance are desperately needed for the countries to reach…