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Month: September 2018

Dr. Gülden Turktan has received the Public Recognition Award of the Second Eurasian Women Forum of 2018 in St.Petersburg, Russia.

The Forum has been organized by the courtesy of government of Russia with auspices of President Putin. The award is organized for the recognition of the achievements of women in their work and for their contributions towards the sustainable development of the society. The Second Eurasian Women’s Forum Award embodies a ceremony for the public acknowledgment of the contributions of the winners in forming, implementing and developing the modern agenda aimed sustainable development in the civil society as well as bringing forward healthy and upright society. The Second Eurasian Forum was organized under the leadership of Valentina Matviyenka, the Chairperson of the Council of Russian Federation, the most influential woman in Russia. In the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum Prize “Public Recognition – 2018” award ceremony was held in the Catherine Hall of the Tauride Palace on September 21, 2018. Gülden Türktan received her Public Recognition Award from Valentina Matviyenko, as…