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Women 20 (W20) is one of the most recent G20 outreach formats established in May 2015 under the Turkey presidency. 
The W20 focuses on promoting gender inclusiveness and gender equality, essentially making a significant contribution towards a strong, sustainable and balanced growth trend globally.
The W20 creation was blessed by the G20 leaders in their Antalya Communiqué which includes leaders` intention to engage with this outreach track. 
The W20 believes that increased women economic empowerment will contribute to achieving two key G20 goals – improving performance and governance, in particular private sector transparency. 
The W20 calls for inclusion of women priorities in all G20 areas of work (macroeconomics, global economic governance, budgeting etc.) and set itself a task to “remember” the G20 on its commitments and contribute to improving G20 accountability. 
Despite other outreach groups, e.g. B20 which recommendations are nonbinding, W20 since a moment of its creation strives to influence the G20 to make specific variable-based commitments.

About G20 and Women of G20 – W20. Author: Dr. Gülden Türktan, W20 Founding President (in Russianin English)

Official documents:

Argentinian presidency 2018
Official web-site:

German presidency 2017
Communiqué (in English)

B20, C20, L20, T20, W20, Y20, F20 Statement on the Withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement (in English)

Chinese presidency 2016
Communiqué (in English)

Turkey presidency 2015 
Communiqué (in English)


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