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W20 of G20 Communiques 2015-2023

The economic empowerment of women is one of the most fundamental components of achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment more broadly, if women participated in the economy identically to men, it would add up to USD 28 trillion, or 26%, to annual GDP in 2025 compared with a business-as-usual scenario; and this economic potential is highest in developing countries according to OECD (Women’s Economic Empowerment).

From this principle, G20 Leaders’ Communiqué was signed at Brisbane Australia Summit on 15-16 November 2014 that reads as follows:

“We agree to the goal of reducing the gap in participation rates between men and women in our countries, by 25 percent by 2025, taking into account national circumstances, to bring more than 100 million women into the labour force, significantly increase global growth and reduce poverty and inequality.”

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