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My Notes from My Business Travels

For those of you who have been saying “where have you been? We haven’t seen you lately! The answer is as follows:

I have made 21 International trips to the nicest cities in the world, most of them invited as a speaker or a participant!

Thank you for the patience of the companies I have been consulting! They are doing great anyway!

Thank you for the patience and support of my family.

We must make the world a better place, I am trying my best.

09-Jul-18 London
19-Sep-18 St Petersburg
01-Oct-18 Buenos Aires
22-Oct-18 Washington DC
27-Oct-18 Hong Hong
31-Dec-18 Vienna
02-Feb-19 Paris
15-Mar-19 New York
22-Mar-19 Tokyo
29-Mar-19 St Petersburg
09-Apr-19 Barcelona
01-Apr-19 Paris
11-Apr-19 Washington DC
24-Apr-19 Berlin
16-May-19 Seoul
09-Jun-19 Amsterdam
18-Jun-19 Vienna
29-Jun-19 Brüksel
04-Jul-19 Basel
07-Jul-19 London

All the meetings have been quite fruitful. I may cite my learnings of the year:

The momentum has started for the world in gender issues and there is no way of going back for the world, any longer.

It is great to be recognized with a prize in a country that you are not resident, especially in the Russian Federation, as the “women to be recognized in front of the society”, it makes me more conscious and prouder to continue to work harder.

It takes a good team and a talented Argentinian W20 Chair and team to organize a good W20 conference to create positive effect in the world.

World Bank and IFC are working hard to make the world a better place to live.

Hong-Hong has changed and is changing -and is bound to change further- since the last time I was there.

There is a huge que for sacher torte during Christmas time, but it is beautiful.

Employers’ associations need to change as well with the changes expected in the business world.

UN is even more dedicated and determined to gender equality with sincere seriousness in all its echelons.

Tokyo is very impressive and W20 has received quite good attention in the Japanese audience to take women one step further in their society as well as in the world.

The W20 team of Japan is also very well educated, talented and hard working.

RIP Haruno, the W20 Co-Chair of Japan.

Not only Sweden and Norway, but also Russian Federation has a Nobel award ceremony for recognizing success in the world in the memory of the other brother of Nobel Family.

Turkey needs to explain and communicate to the world the political trauma she has experienced better.

If you need to read the future, the 4 th Industrial Revolution will bring about changes that are presently not liked.

Seoul is beautiful and the next President of the USA may not be a woman.

Queen Maxima of Holland has a great track record in empowerment of women, and she has been generous to offer cooperation to the W20 team with Platform called W20 Acceleration Platform to escalade the voice and the asks of the W20 Platform.

Austria have very impressive women entrepreneurs and leading bureaucrats and technocrats.

World will be a better place with female energy and more women in decision making and it can even make the world more peaceful place.

It takes one woman to bring ethics to football.

Best practices include just in time HR practices and open and timely information flow with the people in the company and the respective HR departments.

The women outreach group of G20 – Women 20 – has become a cooperating team that works in coordination.

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