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Business Travels

For those of you who have been saying “where have you been? We haven’t seen you lately! I have made 21 International trips to the nicest cities in the world, most of them invited as a speaker or participant! Thank you for the patience of the companies I have been consulting! They are doing great anyway! Thank you for the patience of my family. We must make the world a better place…

09-Jul-18 London
19-Sep-18 St Petersburg
01-Oct-18 Buenos Aires
22-Oct-18 Washington DC
27-Oct-18 Hong Hong
31-Dec-18 Vienna
02-Feb-19 Paris
15-Mar-19 New York
22-Mar-19 Tokyo
29-Mar-19 St Petersburg
09-Apr-19 Barcelona
01-Apr-19 Paris
11-Apr-19 Washington DC
24-Apr-19 Berlin
16-May-19 Seoul
09-Jun-19 Amsterdam
18-Jun-19 Vienna
29-Jun-19 Brüksel
04-Jul-19 Basel
07-Jul-19 London

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