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Business Travels

For those of you who have been saying “where have you been? We haven’t seen you lately! I have made 21 International trips to the nicest cities in the world, most of them invited as a speaker or participant! Thank you for the patience of the companies I have been consulting! They are doing great anyway! Thank you for the patience of my family. We must make the world a better place… 09-Jul-18 London 19-Sep-18 St Petersburg 01-Oct-18 Buenos Aires 22-Oct-18 Washington DC 27-Oct-18 Hong Hong 31-Dec-18 Vienna 02-Feb-19 Paris 15-Mar-19 New York 22-Mar-19 Tokyo 29-Mar-19 St Petersburg 09-Apr-19 Barcelona 01-Apr-19 Paris 11-Apr-19 Washington DC 24-Apr-19 Berlin 16-May-19 Seoul 09-Jun-19 Amsterdam 18-Jun-19 Vienna 29-Jun-19 Brüksel 04-Jul-19 Basel 07-Jul-19 London

Establishment of Peace 50 (P50) International Community

Peace Summit took place in Living Tomorrow Vilvoorde/Brussels On June 28-29, the Summer Peace Summit took place in Living Tomorrow Vilvoorde/Brussels. The event brought together women leaders from 15 countries. The Summit participants who represented different fields of activity discussed issues related to preservation and development of peace, exchanged their experience and ideas on collaboration, and gave start to a new project: Peace 50 (P50) community.  Official status or leadership in organisations is not obligatory for participation in P50. Particular actions, open heart, and readiness to use one’s energy and intellect for the for the sake of people and humanity in general are much more important. P50 community was created for concerned active women irrespective of their nationality, religion, and social status. The goal of P50 is to create conditions for effective communication among women of the world for the sake of global peace. The future of people and humanity is…