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Establishment of Peace 50 (P50) International Community

Peace Summit took place in Living Tomorrow Vilvoorde/Brussels

On June 28-29, the Summer Peace Summit took place in Living Tomorrow Vilvoorde/Brussels. The event brought together women leaders from 15 countries. The Summit participants who represented different fields of activity discussed issues related to preservation and development of peace, exchanged their experience and ideas on collaboration, and gave start to a new project: Peace 50 (P50) community. 

Official status or leadership in organisations is not obligatory for participation in P50. Particular actions, open heart, and readiness to use one’s energy and intellect for the for the sake of people and humanity in general are much more important. P50 community was created for concerned active women irrespective of their nationality, religion, and social status.

The goal of P50 is to create conditions for effective communication among women of the world for the sake of global peace. The future of people and humanity is being formed through particular actions, uniting projects, and active social communication! 

The organisers of the Summit, Barbara Dietrich (Belgium), Editor-in-Chief of Diplomatic World Magazine, and Marina Volynkina (Russia), Head of the Eurasian Women’s Community news agency, were the moderators of the meeting. They initiated the establishment of P50, which is a community uniting women who greatly contribute to preservation of peace and clearly understand the necessity to develop this agenda.

Summer Peace Summit became the first and foundational meeting of the members of P50 community. 

Her Royal Highness Princess Léa of Belgium became the distinguished guest at the Summit. She greeted the participants of the event and told about her social and charitable activities having an important role in her life.

Gülden Türktan (Turkey), Founder and the First Chair of W20, told about how she managed to establish the representative international body at the governmental level. The fact that the speaker supported the new initiative and is ready to actively participate in development of the non-government community is very encouraging. By her work, Ms. Türktan destroyed the stereotype that serious financing is necessary to launch a project. When one has energy, perseverance, and confidence in the rightness of one’s own idea, one can do everything without money as well. By the way, P50 project is totally independent, all its participants arrived at the Summit at their own expense. 

Cornelia von Wülfing, Mamaga Akosua I. (Ghana), shared the amazing story of her own life and how she, German by nationality, was elected to become the Paramount Queen of SASADU Traditional Areas, Volta Region. It is clearly understandable that such trust of the local population can only be achieved when carrying out serious projects including charitable ones. 

Joynicole Martinez (the USA), Chief Executive Officer of The Alchemist Agency, Director of Research & Development at World Women Foundation, called upon P50 participants to address the most serious problems in the world and overcome all barriers by means of soft power. This is a wonderful way of self-realisation, expression of one’s own emotions. One can at once find energy and resources for such noble tasks. 

Anastasia Ptukha, rector of the Academy of the All-Union Society of Inventors and Rationalisers, proposed to organise mentoring among women from different countries. Differences in experience and mentality can help identify new development paths. Bringing together representatives of different countries, professions, and status in P50 must also have a synergetic effect and manifold increase in the efficiency of the new community.

Carol Kinsey Goman (the USA), author of ‘Body Language for Leaders’, LinkedIn Learning’s video course, Anna Wolf (Germany), economist and analyst, Liudmila Norsoyan (Russia), designer and founder of NORSOYAN brand, told about the importance to develop horizontal communication among countries at all levels in order to preserve peace. 

Nicole Stott, astronaut from the USA, sent her video message to the Summit participants. 

Pick Keobandith (Laos-France), Founder and International Director of Inspiring Culture, and Nupur Tron (India-Belgium), Founder and Director General of Foundation Frison Horta, told about the cultural institutes as the key pillar of sustainable development. 

‘Social Responsibility of Media’ became another key topic discussed at the event. Participants of the Summit told about how media can influence preservation and development of peace. Marina Mishunkina (Russia), First Deputy Director General of the Argumenty i Fakty Publishing House, told about social projects carried out by the company. 

Sati Mata (Ukraine-India), President of the Association of Himalayan Yoga of Pilot Baba, Founder of the International Academy of Himalayan Siddha Yoga and Human Self-Fulfilment, Vanda Gagiano (South Africa), Honorary President of Free State Women Agricultural Union, and Svetlana Landa (Russia), Founder and Head of the Style of Life Academy, presented their reports within the framework of the Summit. They told about the necessity of searching and increasing the scale of bringing up and education practices aimed at peaceful dialogue, cooperation, creativity, and development. 

The meeting had a warm, creative, and comfortable atmosphere. Over several hours, participants not only found common ground but also became a real team of like-minders and soulmates. All those women greatly contributed to organisation of the Summer Peace Summit. 

Not only intensive business programme but also rich cultural programme awaited the Summit participants. 

The event took place on the territory of the Living Tomorrow innovation inspiring art space. The opening of the ‘TIME CODE: THE VALUE OF MEMORIES – VISION FOR FUTURE’ exhibition of contemporary art participated by famous artists from different countries of the world was timed to coincide with the Summit. 

Many of the authors personally arrived to present their projects. They included Paul Van Hoeydonck, author of ‘Fallen Astronaut’ mini-sculpture, the only artwork delivered to the Moon. 

Liudmila Norsoyan continued the astronomical topic. She uses technologies applied in space. In addition to that, Ms. Norsoyan depicted astronauts in space suits on a kerchief. The depicted figures resemble open palms. The artwork perfectly reflected the idea of P50: the world that we are trying to save carefully holding it in our hands. 

German-Belgian artist Ulrike Bolenz combines the past and the future in her pieces of art. She puts modern photographs with deep philosophical message on ancient mica. 

Concetta Spitaleri, Italian floral artist, not only demonstrated her art object, the black square made of flowers covered with diamond dust, but also prepared a present for each participant of the event: bracelets with black Ecuadorian roses that stay alive for three years thanks to special processing technique. 

Kaixuan Feng turned the used tea bags and coffee filters into an art object. Thus, she made us not only enjoy watching the patterns but also think about ecology. Louisa Burnett-Hall in her works refers to nature. The artist studies waterfalls in different countries. The topic of water is in focus of her works. 

The cake baked by Michael Lewis-Anderson, cake designer to the Belgian royal family, conquered the hearts of women. Mr. Lewis-Anderson told about his creative activity in detail. According to him, for him creation of delicious masterpieces is the way to unite people during various events and celebrations. Michael Lewis-Anderson was so inspired by the Summit’s atmosphere and communication with its participants that suggested to personally conduct a tour of Brussels for them. 

Iwona Malevicz, who is a grandniece of Kazimir Malevich actively working on preservation of the legendary artist’s heritage, became one of the Summit guests. 

Two excursions were organised exclusively for the guests. 

A visit to the Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel Hospital where children with oncological diseases receive treatment within the Space Suit Art Project charitable initiative was an important part of the programme. The children painted their dreams on a space suit. The space suit will be launched into space in March 2020. 

The project was jointly initiated by such charitable organisations as Space for Art Foundation (the USA) and Unity (Russia) in partnership with NASA and Roscosmos. Children from Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, and Belgium have already painted their dreams on the space suit. Nine other countries are to join the project. 

During two days, participants of the meeting actively communicated, shared about how they can contribute to preservation of peace, developed strategies of their actions, and thought through new joint projects. Many women who arrived at the Summit actively give back to the community. It was seen that they have so much love in their hearts that they are ready to share it with the whole world. For example, Martina Zografski (Germany) is supporting children with rare cardiologic diseases. She managed to surround all P50 participants with attention and care and even prepare a pleasant surprise for women whose birthdays coincided with the dates of the Summit.

Writer: Eurasia Women’s Community


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