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Prime Ministry of Turkey Official Women20 (W20) Establishment Letter

Undersecreteriat of the Tresury


Number        : 366667782-208.99                                                 Ankara, date on the envelope

Re                 : Conduc for the work of the W20 (Woman 20)                     (15 April 2015)


(Dear Dr. Gülden Türktan)

The Presidency of the Group of Twenty (G20), the most basic global economic cooperation platform, was undertaken in 2015 by our country. In order to manage and coordinate the preparations needed to be carried out within this scope, the “G20 Term Presidency Steering Committee” was established with the Prime Ministry’s Circular No. 2013/4.

With the initiations of Term Presidency of Turkey of G20, a new outreach group called Women 20 (W20) was established in G20.

It is envisaged that W20, whose main areas of interest are assessed to be issues such as gender equality, increasing women’s participation in the labor force, reducing wage gap between men and women or other such issues and will have a similar structure with the other G20 outreach groups. Within this framework, the W20 should be composed of women civil society representatives active in the relevant fields, having no more than three representatives or agencies for each country, who are determined by the respective countries, and high level of G20 Troika representatives are expected to participate in the Steering Committee and the committee shall be led by a leading representative or organization from the country of term presidency.  It is envisaged that the W20 will make recommendations in consultation with the different segments of the society in the G20 countries on the basis of meetings, develop recommendations in the meetings and high-level consultancies and forums to be arranged before the Leaders’ Summit and present the results at the Leaders’ Summit. It is considered that the creation of W20 in 2015 shall be an important contributor to the work undergoing in the United Nations regarding Sustainable Development Goals. 

In accordance with the reconciliation that was reached at the Steering Committee of the G20 Presidency, it was decided that it would be appropriate to effectively perform host country responsibilities and carry out the work for W20 in 2015 through an organizational committee comprising the representatives of the relevant women’s organizations. In this context, in order to lead the work for W20 in 2015 and to perform the host country responsibilities s, it was decided to establish a “W20 Turkey Organizing Committee” composed under the presidency of Dr. Gülden Türktan to represent the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey, Nilufer Bulut to represent the Business Women’s Association of Turkey and Asst. Assoc. Professor Emine Sare Aydin Yilmaz representing the Women and Democracy Association.

It is considered crutial that the G20 Steering Committee and the W20 Organizing Committee will work in close cooperation and the members of the W20 Organizing Committee will work in coordination and harmony for the effective implementation of the processes.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to wish success to the W20 Organizing Committee in their work and thank you in advance for your contributions.

Signature on the Original
Deputy Prime Minister


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