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Let Women Have Their Names Mentioned and No Adjectives

Starting from the next 8 th of March, the woman should only have a name and no adjectives!

Woman is neither an angel, nor a flower, nor a bitch, nor a fetish, not fragile, not somebody’s wife or daughter; Let all the women be independent of all the prejudiced adjectives that we associate with.

We just want our name and equal opportunity.

The world is changing. In our world of dreams, people, both men and women, in the form of several civilizations have lived in this soil for centuries without realizing how male dominated system has been tattooed deeply into our skin. Like class differences, neighborhood pressure and “apparently everyone is happy with their dominations as nobody is willing to change their mind.” In fact, everyone is a loser even without realizing what they are missing or doing. We lose compassion, loyalty, joy in return for this domination …

Looking into the past; even when I was young, I made choices as according to my boyfriend. I studied at the same university just to be able to be with him, I made career choice as opening my own office without much experience to avoid his jealously. I do not forget that I gave up my own worth in the spiral of an early age marriage. I have not talked about the flaws so that he would not be offended, and I still carry all this burden in my memories as a cloud from of those days. Still in the minds of men, there is the thought that all women have their interest in their wallets, the rich man versus the poor girl, or vice versa, looking at the issues as a matter of social classes. With all these, one can easily see the change of the mindset is far behind the progress of the technology in our world.

There was an old advertisement in English called Perception versus Reality … sometimes our perception hugely overrules the reality …

Our starting point should be … elimination of all forms of prejudices … In a TV series called Scarlet, the young journalist woman investigates her new boss. She learns that this gentleman was fired from his previous job because he lowered his pants in a meeting. In the first narration there was terrible indifference and rudeness … However, when she investigated further and when the same event is narrated by a second person attending the same meeting, her words were “we were doing the same job, but because he was a man, he has been receiving more hospitality allowances, a higher salary and a higher bonus than me. Realizing this at the budget meeting he wanted to protest and demand equal rights for the same job. Therefore, suddenly pulled down his pants and said the difference is only this – That was it… He was fired for his action but as a shocking reality, but he managed to underline the problem very well.

There is a new commercial, “please don’t diminish!” … It means do not lower the penalties for crime against women. Perhaps another priority action set is that our societies must be able to eliminate the hypocrisy underlying behind these facts, first.

It is essential that the sanctions against all the verbal and physical violence committed against women should not be reduced in the court of law.

Do not cover up the issues! It is time to diminish the dark curtains over us …

We are just humans or women of this world.

Happy March 8th, International Women’s Day. 

Let it be the name of the woman without and an adjective or description like neither a bitch nor an angel or a devil. Our message to all men you were also born from a female … Do not forget that you may have a daughter tomorrow, let them have their own names to go forward happily on their ways.

Writer: Aydan Baktır (2021.03.07)

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