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Preserving the Planet – Global Call to Action

The P50 community hosted the annual Summer Peace Summit

The Third Summer Peace Summit, a traditional major meeting of the participants of the Peace 50 international community, took place on July 1, 2021. This year, the event brought together women leaders from 12 countries and was dedicated to the topic Preserving the Planet – Global Call to Action. The participants discussed their vision of the contribution one can make to the preservation of the world for current and future generations. They shared concrete ideas and useful experience.

Preserving the Planet – Global Call to Action

Gülden Türktan, the founder of the Women 20, supported the idea of following the SDGs as well. The expert notes that preserving the world for future generations is the responsibility of all people of today.

“To preserve the ecology of the planet, people need to take care of the ecology of their own actions”, said Gülden Türktan.

Preserving the Planet – Global Call to Action

Gülden Türktan called upon people to think about not only the immediate benefits but also the global consequences of any action.

Modern innovations make it possible to use energy sources that are safe for the environment in production and at home and recycle waste. Although such solutions often require some investments, they will surely pay off as they will save the planet.

The modern world is based on a consumerist concept. Production industries expand and people create new products every day. Unfortunately, the products themselves and the process of their creation are not always eco-friendly.

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