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Gülden Türktan Posts

WEF 2018 Davos, Women and W20 in a Fractured World and Digital Transparency to Enlighten Us All First

WEF 2018 Meetings in Davos  In Davos, the concept of the year was “women.” But, the topic that followed or perhaps even somewhat surpassed the topic of gender equity was the fact that President Trump was coming to Davos for the first time and “what shall he be saying to…

APEC Leaders’ Summit

APEC APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) is a regional economic business association organization that aims to increase the trade and investments of the countries, coastal to the Pacific Ocean from Asia and America. Established in 1989 by 12 founding countries, APEC now consists of 21 member economies that produce about 60% of the…

W20 Summit Berlin – BBC World News

W20 Chair of Turkey 2015 was live on the BBC World News regarding W20 Berlin Summit W20 Berlin Zirvesi – BBC World News W20 Türkiye başkanı Gülden Türktan, Berlin’de gerçekleşen W20 zirvesi ile ilgili BBC World News kanalında canlı yayında.